DISCOVER how you can

30-minutes free discovery session (value: 99 euros)

Are you looking for ways to create a business that supports your location independent lifestyle?

I can help you package your passion into well priced products and services and make sure your customers can find you and buy from you.

Do you wish

  • To have a business in which you are flexible in choosing your working location and working hours?

  • To package your experience in popular and well paid online services and products such as e-courses and online communities?

  • Attract clients in a non salesy way, almost on auto-pilot?

This is what you need

  • A clear view on your personal and business goals.

  • A strategy and actionplan to build a sustainable business that fits you and your talents and is based on your terms.

  • A mind-set to achieve your goals.

I can help you if you

  • You are a coach, trainer, consultant or service based professional. Or you have the desire to become one.

  • You are willing to stop hiding yourself and your talents. And start following your hearts’ desire and put yourself out there.

  • You are open to new ideas, eager to learn and ready to invest in yourself in terms of time and money.

Do you have no idea where you begin? Or are you stuck somewhere in your online business?

Let me help you. In this free personal consultation we will:

  • Investigate what you need to start selling your knowledge online and how to turn this into a profitable, portable business.

  • What you can do to attract customers online by using online video marketing.

  • Discover if there is a match and we can work together on achieving your business goals.

By the end of this session you have plenty of ideas and you have insight in your next steps!

I would like to be considered for a free discovery session