Would you like to

★  Make money from your skills and knowledge

★  Build a location independent business

★  Live a meaningful life, making great impact on the world


What you need is

★ Clear understanding of your personal and business goals

★ Skills to transfer your knowledge into online products and services

★ Proven strategies, models and systems for focus and results

★ Skills to market and sell your products


I can help you if you

★ Are an independent service professional, knowledge worker, consultant, trainer or coach

★ Master skills or posses knowledge which you would share with the world while making money

★ Are open-minded and eager to learn


Are you stuck? Or don’t know how to start?

Let me help you figuring out what your giant step forward is to start living your ultimate independent lifestyle TODAY.

Every month I give away 3 free ‘Online Strategy’ sessions, worth € 197. In this 30 minutes call we will discover your opportunities and get obstacles out of the way.

Why? Because I think I can help you building your ultimate independent lifestyle.

And I might be able to help you to get on the highway to your independent lifestyle.


It is up to you!

Drop a quick e-mail to brenda@sparklingprofessionals.com saying you want to apply for the free Online Strategy session. Find out what is required to start living your independent lifestyle and get obstacles out of the way.


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Sparkling Professionals helps knowledge and service professionals to create profitable online services and products: ★ Principles for financial and mental freedom ★ Proven strategies, models and systems for focus and results  ★ Transform knowledge and skills into profitable services, products and programms ★ Attract clients online and generate sales ★ Unlimited business growth